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What can the loan be used for?

  • To buy new essential household items such as a washing machine; fridge; freezer, main furniture pieces, dryer, mower, heater etc.
  • Medical Items such as an asthma pump, blood pres- sure or blood sugar monitor etc.
  • Other worthwhile special items/services in line with NILS® policy and as agreed.
  • Only one item is allowed per loan

The loan CAN'T be used for the following:

  • General living expenses (eg food, clothing)
  • Rent & Loan arrears, payment of debts and fines or Court Judgements
  • Any recurring costs (eg. Car repairs, rego, tyres, NRMA, insurance)
  • Second hand items (must be new)
  • Rental bonds and Agent lease fees
  • Repairs to white goods and other domestic appliances
  • Cash advances, cheques payable to NILS® borrower, cheques payable to a third party for a private sale