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How We Can Help

So, what comes next?

SO you believe you meet the low income and NILS® Area qualifications – if so...

  • Get an application form and fill in all the details.
  • Collect all the necessary statements, bills, accounts (Full details are given in the application form)
  • When you’ve decided on an item get a quote that will hold good for at least 14 days
    Quotes can be: Formal written quote or details written on a store business card or store notepad or similarDo your shopping ‘looking’, going to several stores to compare brands/prices
  • When you have everything ready, contact the NILS® office to make an appointment

Before you go shopping...

  • Measure the space where your appliance is to go
  • Measure the doorways the item has to pass through and check any stairway access
  • Decide if your new FRIDGE should have a LEFT or RIGHT opening door
  • Think about which type of washer you want – Top Loading or Front Loading
  • Write all this information down and take it with you